Who We Are

Who We Are

A full-service technology partner committed to your success.

About MAAN Softwares INC.

MAAN Softwares Inc. is a website, mobile app, and software development company that provides end-to-end solutions for small, and large-scale companies and organizations. The word MAAN is a Hindi term meaning dignified. When the company was formed, the founders chose this word to exemplify the company’s belief that great work can be a source of pride for both the creator and the user. Our team of professionals is highly skilled in creating digital products including responsive websites, mobile applications, and business software--all within minimal timeframes and budgets. MAAN’s clients receive a holistic team on every project. From the project management to the design and development of a website, MAAN’s goal is to inspire and satisfy a client and their end customers.

With continuous growth and the adoption of innovative new practices, we are now among the leading international digital development firms. We have a design thinking, client-centric approach that incorporates understanding your project's goals and matching our team's skills to turning those goals into reality.

We provide a wide range of services including website design and development, application design and development, e-commerce solution, search engine optimization, and other enterprise solutions. MAAN's team members are expert in website and app business development for small, mid, and large scale companies. We are the perfect solution for start-ups and scale-ups; we understand the difficulties faced by new companies because we were, not so long ago, also just an idea in the minds of our founders. Because we are a global company, we can offer your project team members available on your time.

Hire our extraordinary and proficient team of developers without a second thought!