Gangnam-Fly Surfers - IOS Game App

FLY IN ANCIENT GANGNAM STREET !!! Very few gamers could reach the 1 MILLION point mark - are you one of them??? AMAZING 3D Graphics which will keep you hooked! A GROOVY Soundtrack to KEEP YOU GOING in this ADVENTURE of a LIFETIME!
Fly on a dragon, Become superhero, Ride the hover board and even a UFO! Collect Gems on the way and reach 1 Million Points.
AWESOME ! Game Features
3D Flyer Game 
4 Awesome vehicles. Ride the Dragon & Hover board. Fly a UFO. Be a Super Hero
Crazy Power ups! 
First Person Mode 
AWESOME soundtrack 
Unlock Survivor Mode

  • IOS
  • Swift
  • Objective C

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