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Dedicated Mobile & Web Developers

Business decisions are very important for its profits and to earn maximum profitably we at MAAN provide highly skilled developers which you can hire for a long term duration as a completely dedicated hire resource for you. We provide the dedicated team at low cost with full support, performance and functioning of our technical team through virtual extensions.

Through these procedures the client’s expenses of set up, hiring risks, obligations are reduced and on the same side you get access to trained and expert developers, designers, business analysts and more. We are different from others as with us you will get developers or designers who will directly report to the client, maintain daily communication through emails, chats and other options to fill the voids of distance as per need. With us you will get a wide variety of professional sources, your cost will be saved as we charge you just one-third of the amount you are going to pay in your country. Also one can easily focus on their core work, as you need not create a development environment and infrastructure to progress your work.

We assure you 100 percent support and most professional team for your web and application development. You can hire developers, designers, team, and business consultants’ monthly, hourly and even weekly basis.

Now it is not hard to find the right guys for the job and you can choose from the experts, i.e. from us!


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Hire our extraordinary and proficient team of developers without a second thought!