10 Reasons Why One Should Opt Magento

10 Reasons Why One Should Opt Magento

10 Reasons Why One Should Opt Magento

There are many web design platforms available these days but out of which Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce open source platform available. Magento offers quick browsing facilities to customers for making a purchase decision. Let’s find out why Magento is so famous that it has been used to run more than 200,000 e-commerce stores.

1. An open source platform: -

                                       An open source platform

Magento free, means anyone can download and work on it. This offers a new level of flexibility to the designer and Magento e-commerce developers that don't available on other platforms that are not open source. It helps to increase the ROI rate of the business because of the low cost of deployment while serving an extensive and robust operation.

2. Supports SEO: -

                                       Supports SEO

Like any other web based application Magenta also has its own flaws regarding SEO, but it is still far better than any other platform. If you own a Magento Website you will easily get organic traffic flow. Magento is developed by keeping SEO in mind and provides best opportunities for your business to appear on Bing, Yahoo, Google, Baidu and other SERP’s. Moreover, it also offers tools for customized practice for effective SEO. On the other hand, the duplicate content issue plague other e-commerce platform is also present in Magento but with the use of some modules can easily solve this issue.

3. Magento supports mobile version also: -

                                       Magento supports mobile version also

Using Magento development Service e-commerce websites become highly responsive, due to which it can support tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices without any annoyance. Finally, it helps the consumers to stay connected to your online store anytime and anywhere.

4. Magento is scalable platforms: -

                                       Magento is scalable platforms

By scalability, it means that it can provide you the necessary tools according to your requirement like if you start a small business; Magento can serve your small requirements and if you enter as an enterprise with sophisticated and complex requirement Magento can cater your intricate needs. In other words, as a site grows and changes, it can be extended as far as a Magento e-commerce developer is willing to go. The ability to control multiple stores from one back end means that a business can easily extend its brand into other markets more easily than with other platforms.

5. Security at its best: -

                                       Security at its best:

By obtaining Magento e-commerce development service, you can protect your e-commerce website and easily manage internal access with multi-level security permission. Secondary password protects your site from the unwanted breach. This software also includes captcha and PCI data security feature for extra protection.

6. Manages content easily: -

                                       Manages content easily

Magento has an inherent page editor, which helps online store managers to easily make changes in their commodity. This tool doesn’t require the owners to have knowledge of coding as they can easily manage the content with help of a friendly feature called WYSIWYG.

7. Magento offers third-party integration: -

                                       Magento offers third-party integration

With the help of Magento you can provide delightful e-commerce experience to your costumers by integrating PayPal, google shopping, mail-chimp and much more. To have proper control over data analysis and to make profitable business decisions. Magento helps you to use Google analytics and other third party integration.

8. Capacious and sturdy: -

                                       Capacious and sturdy

Magento has the ability to handle many products on a single website and can handle thousands of orders in an hour, due to which you can add more shopping carts according to your requirement and business growth.

9. Dynamic searching features: -

                                       Dynamic searching features

Magento based sites improve the user experience with the help of intelligently filtered search features, which filters search result according to different parameters. Some of the search feature includes tag filters, search term clouds, recently viewed and compared products with auto-suggested terms.

10. Magento is transparent: -

                                       Magento is transparent

Magento’s source code is open to all and it is disclosed to motivate public partition to modify, fix and improve the platform. One can study the code and can modify the inner working of the software in order to further improve its working capability. Because of the large community of contributors studying the code, Magento development service evolved so fast.

Magento website development can help you to experience Hassle free product management, easy third party integration and many other features which will help your business to grow.


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