8 Drupal Modules to Boost Your SEO

8 Drupal Modules to Boost Your SEO

For a marketing manager of a website it is extremely crucial to take care of search engine optimization. For Drupal developers, it is important to have a focus on acquia.com as well as website traffic. Thanks to Drupal community that they have introduced so many plugins to have organic traffic. This blog is about plugins of Drupal, which can generate potential customers to you by fulfilling SEO requirements.

1.    Search 404:

This module helps you in handling the website 404-page errors. These errors give a negative impact on your website and this module helps you in rendering 404 errors by navigating the user to related searched page within the website.

If such errors are there it may increase your bounce rate because when visitors find no relevant page they leave the website and this module saves you from this problem.

2.    Pathauto:​

It is the most famous plugin and is used to create URL/path aliases as per the configurable patterns. This process saves you from the manual path/URL aliases. For e.g. let’s say you name a blog “SEO MODULES” then this plugin makes the URL as “blog/SEO-modules”.

3.    MetaTag:

From SEO perspective Meta tags are very important and Drupal doesn’t support editing of Meta tags. This module enables you to edit Meta tags as well as description and keywords. It also helps in the setting of default Meta tags for both individual and whole pages. 

4.    Content Optimizer:

When it is about content analysis, it becomes tough to find which content is SEO friendly. This module brings frequent analysis and stats of any website to improve its SEO ranking. To get the idea of your SEO ranking you need to install this module.

5.    Page Title:

Unique and relevant title are must for a good content. The title in Drupal is offered by its node and to take control over this node you need to have a module Page Title. You can create any title by setting the patterns.

6.    Global Redirect:  

While having SEO friendly URL’s there is one issue that default URL and the new URL will have the same content. Then duplicity of content can cause trouble in your website ranking. This module helps in checking the alias for any existing URL, then redirect it to alias URL.

7.    SEO Compliance Checker:

It is the best tool to keep an eye on modification and creation of any node. This is especially useful for beginners and webmasters to improve the SEO content. It also checks that the alt tags, images and usage of the keywords are proper or not.

8.    Site Verification:

To crawl the pages and indexing them, one need to verify this module. It helps you to come in the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The procedure of verification is simple, i.e, just upload the HTML file or add Meta tags. 


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