Everything You Need to Know About Mark Zuckerberg's Jarvis

Everything You Need to Know About Mark Zuckerberg's Jarvis

Mark Zuckerberg's Jarvis

This is the world where everything is going to automate then how about the automated home control system. Mark Zuckerberg the co-founder of Facebook has found a new system through which you can control home by simply talking to the laptop, computer or mobile phone.

This system is made using Artificial Intelligence just like in the movie Iron Man. This system controls the lights, temperature, appliances, music, and security through voice. The technologies used to build this system is face recognition, natural language processing, speech recognition and reinforcement learning.

In one interview, Zuckerberg told that his goal was to understand artificial intelligence, but somehow he learned more than expected and understood more about the internal technology of Facebook. It was too complicated to connect all the devices of home and add communication between them.

For lights, thermostat, and doors, he used Creston system and for the music and Television used Spotify.  For playing a song or turning on the lights he had to reverse engineer the API’s. He is still working on most of the devices and trying to build APIs for the same.

After coding the most important thing was to connect the home devices to computers or mobile and making them talk. Firstly, he tried to communicate through messages and after that added the facility to speak. This voice note is converted to text message so that it can be readable.


It used the words like the bedroom, lights, on, off, etc. to turn on and off lights. Also, it is mentioned that family room, living room, etc. are the synonyms of the bedroom only. It was really important to understand the context for Artificial intelligence because a single word has different meanings.  Even playing music through AI is really tough because there are ample number tracks and play X music is difficult to understand for a computer.

Face Recognition

It is a fact that the human brain reacts much faster towards images and videos and Face recognition is one of the major tasks in AI. Facebook has expertise in face recognition and the same can be used in this Jarvis to see if your friends are at the door and can be recognized easily. Mark programmed Jarvis on his computer and is able to communicate from anywhere.


Mark Zuckerberg declared that first, he is going to make a Jarvis app for iOS devices and then later he will give it to the Android version. Jarvis is for both text and image conversation and available even to entertain children. 


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He added that he will continue adding more features in Jarvis. It can be concluded that Jarvis in future going to be among topmost apps and much more accurate than our human senses.

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